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celebrations of life

There's only one 'right' way to mark a death and celebrate a life - and that's the way that feels right to you.

Every life is different. And every funeral should be, too. 

As your celebrant, I'll write and lead a funeral, memorial

or ashes ceremony that is unique, and entirely personal. 

No rigid formats.  No standard words.

Instead: I'll combine your thoughts, feelings, and needs with my experience, thoughtfulness and creativity

to create a beautiful ceremony that fully reflects and warmly celebrates the person who has died, and brings you comfort in your time of loss.


Comforting ceremonies...

Planning a funeral may be more than you feel

you can cope with right now... 

it’s so important to get it right, isn’t it?

Because funerals matter. 

A good funeral will help you come to terms with what has happened. We’ll say goodbye in a way that is meaningful to you.

I’ll support you to make the choices that feel right.  And you’ll be comforted, knowing that this is a ceremony that really reflects the person who has died.

And a comforting funeral is the best funeral of all.

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...without religion

Humanists are non-religious people who believe that this life is the only life we have.
We look to science, evidence, and reason to discover truths about the universe.
We place human welfare and happiness at the centre of decision making.
We find 'meaning' in our lives: in our relationships, in the things we do.


why choose
a humanist funeral?

You don't need to call yourself a humanist

to have a humanist funeral.

But if you want a funeral or memorial service

without religion, focusing on the life and qualities

of the person who has died, 

a humanist ceremony is what you're looking for. 

With time to reflect and space to be sad,

a humanist service can also be an uplifting, life affirming, even joyful celebration of life.

Humanists UK's excellent training carries a quality award and its ongoing support is second to none. A network of over 400 humanist celebrants means there's back-up: in the unlikely event that covid or something else means I cannot attend, your ceremony will still take place with the help of one of my trusted humanist colleagues.

Our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance

and I have been police (DBS) checked.

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why choose me?

An accredited humanist celebrant and mentor since 2015, I've also been a funeral director with Poppy's, London's award-winning modern funeral director. 

And I've signed up to the Funeral Celebrancy Council's Celebrant Accord, so that you can be assured that my work meets the highest standards.

I'll work with you, in ways that suit you.

Regardless of your ethnicity or identity.

Whether you want something formal or relaxed, large or small, solemn or celebratory.

If you need ideas or already have plenty - I can help. 

I'm reliable, organised, knowledgable and very experienced.

Whether it's the devastating loss of a parent, child or baby. The trauma of an accident or suicide. The sadness of a death after long-term illness. Or a celebration of life for an elderly aunt.

If you're gathering to remember a great friend, taking a boat trip to scatter ashes, or holding a memorial for a respected colleague.

Maybe it's time to plan your own funeral, or you'd like help leading a funeral for yourself. 

You'll find me warm, sensitive, supportive - and a great listener.


I'm a Londoner by birth and at heart.

I share my home in Balham with two lovely teenagers

and an impossibly cute dog named Scoobie. 

I have experience of family bereavement,

of dementia and of profound disability.

I've worked in housing, in television, as a gardener and in science. 

I'm concerned about social justice and the environment. 

I love live music, dancing, spending time with friends,

reading, and country walks.

I'm reliable, organised, knowledgable and very experienced.


get in touch...

to talk about comforting non-religious funerals

in south and central London

and the home counties

I'll never use your personal data for anything other than working directly with you.

That's a promise.

07962 990102 and 020 8673 7349

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