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after the pandemic

Is it too soon to be talking about life beyond Covid-19? In much of the world, that's certainly the case. But here in the UK there’s a glimmer of light. We are looking forward, with hope, to getting back to normal life. Whatever that is...

If the pandemic meant that you were unable to hold the funeral you would have chosen, now is a good time to start planning. You might want to scatter the person’s ashes – on the Thames, by the sea or in your garden. Or perhaps you'd like get together with people who were unable to attend the funeral. In a room above a pub, your sitting room, at the office. There are lots of options, and as the weather improves, an outdoor space becomes a possibility, too.

Even if a funeral was possible at the time, a gathering held a year or two later can be a very moving and meaningful occasion. After all, you haven’t stopped missing that person, have you? And getting together with others who feel the same, sharing stories and laughter, can be hugely comforting and healing.

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