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Help with planning your own funeral

Advice and assistance so you can make decisions and record your wishes, knowing that they'll be kept with care, and followed after your death

Whether you're planning for the near future or thinking about the long-term, it's good to write down what you want to happen when you die.  I am specially accredited by Humanists UK to help and advise.

You'll get

1. a phone, internet or person-to-person meeting

2. advice on funeral directors, locations, and all the content of the service

3. a draft running order if you'd like one

4. reassurance that your wishes are written down and securely held in the Humanists UK pre-plan service repository, ready for when they are needed

One hour meeting with follow-up (does not include writing and leading your funeral), £50

Preparation of a detailed script

for storage by Humanists UK, add £175

Attendance on the day to lead a London funeral,

add £100

Additional charge for time and travel outside London

Help with planning your own funeral: Service
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