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Advice and guidance
to lead a funeral

Be your own celebrant - write and lead a funeral with my support

You'd like to be in complete control of the funeral you are organising for someone who has died.

You'll lead it yourself, and you know who you'd like to invite to speak.

That's great!

Want some help with bringing it all together? Tips on finding a good funeral director?

Advice on structure, and a running order? Not sure which piece of music to pick? Unsure about timings?

Want to know about media options at the crematorium?

I can help with all this and more, giving you advice and support right up to the day.

You'll get

1. a Zoom or phone meeting

2. my input into ideas and elements of the service such as music, poetry and readings

3. a running order

4. help with writing a farewell/committal, or including rituals in the service

5. advice on options like slideshows, and how to make the best of them

6. help with collating and co-ordinating contributions

7. a review of your script and advice on timings

Up to 4 hours of expert support to write and lead a funeral yourself, £110

Writing of a full script and my attendance on the day are not included

Advice and guidance to lead a funeral: Service
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